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Ah! My Goddess' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ah! My Goddess

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Ah My Goddess Fans!!! [03 Feb 2019|09:07pm]

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Not really a mod post,but... [31 Aug 2012|11:39pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Is there a way to stop these OT Russian porn posts?!

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new oad [12 Jul 2011|10:36pm]

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[09 Jul 2011|01:37am]

 Hey there. I'm selling an A2-sized Ah! My Goddess poster. Please check the link below for more details :)

( Totally a fake cut! )
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Facebook Group [09 Apr 2011|04:45pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

i went ahead a set up a fan-page for the A!MG manga. if you read it, like the page or whatever. if you don't, and you're bored+going to animecentral this year, maybe give it a shot? i'm running an A!MG panel there, so the more people participating with that, the better.


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Hello! [29 Mar 2011|12:12am]

Hi everyone :)
My name's Michelle (also called Mayumi) and I've been a long time lurker in the community and now I've decided to come out of the shadows and introduce myself :) I've been a Ah! My Goddess fan for a few years now and my favorite characters obviously Belldandy, Keiichi, Urd and Skuld :) My favorite Goddess is no other than Belldandy ;D

I also come bearing screencaps from episodes 1-5, textless opening, outtakes, the DVD arts in the menus and the movie :) The movie has also been uploaded to the gallery. :)

Previews Under CutCollapse )
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RP AD: Pareidolia [19 Jan 2011|12:15pm]

Hello, there is a new rp opening up that members of this community might be interested in joining.

More details under cutCollapse )

We don't currently have any Ah!My Goddess characters but we would love to get a cast started!
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Selling: AMG Posters! [15 Jan 2011|03:30pm]

Hi all!

I'm selling some Ah! My Goddess posters items [[ HERE ]]

Please feel free to take a look, thank you!
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new ah my goddess anime in february [18 Sep 2010|02:56pm]

[ mood | excited ]


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ah! my goddess, 10th best-selling manga in japan. [03 Aug 2010|03:35am]

[ mood | productive ]


despite interest here seeming to have dropped off, apparently amg is almost more popular than ever in japan right now.

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[29 Jun 2010|04:11pm]

Hey there~ I hope this is allowed but I was just looking to see if I could find any AMG rp'ers interested in this new game that starts July 1st! I think all the characters would really fit in~

I hid it behind the cut for your convenience.

Vanishing PointCollapse )
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[sales] Oh My Goddess! Cheap Manga! [10 May 2010|05:50pm]


Selling Oh My Goddess! English manga for cheap :D around $5.35 shipped within the US and in great condition! I combine shipping as well~

Also selling tons of other stuff for cheap, and I'm willing to negotiate~ Click the picture or right here to see~
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149 Icons [21 Nov 2009|05:13pm]

97 Axis Powers Hetalia
18 One Piece
34 Ah! My Goddess

Here @ psychocon
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241 and 242 [16 Sep 2009|08:42am]


Hello once again AMG fandom, 241 and 242 are out, I gotta catch up quickly to 250 before they update again.

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Recaps [15 Sep 2009|10:27pm]

Hello AMG fandom, I'm doing some recaps of the recent arc starting from 240. It's basically a funny spin of what happens in them, so if you wanna give them a read, I'd be very happy.

elwafler.livejournal.com/767.html Chapter 240
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Various Icons [12 Jul 2009|11:09pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Another icon post. Yes it's been a while. Enjoy my new icon post.

Go here ~~Collapse )
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whew, done [25 Jun 2009|09:32am]

My girlfriend and I have been hard at work, and have finished our Outlaw Star site.

Check it out http://watchahmygoddessepisodesonline.com/ (long url, i know)

We plan on fixing up the template a little bit more, making it look more like out other sites we have recently done (see http://cowboybebopepisode.com and http://deathnoteepisode.com)
Any feedback is appreciated :)
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Ah!My Goddess manga parody in Afternoon [26 May 2009|03:27pm]


LOL! enjoi
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Random Request [10 Apr 2009|08:52am]

As you guys know, Easter is Sunday. So, I'm going around a lot of my communities requesting pictures of characters from an anime as bunnies or rabbits.

No need for hentai, just pictures of long-eared characters (and maybe tails too if they can show).

Posted anywhere a fandom is!
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Ah My Goddess Plushies set [08 Apr 2009|03:35pm]

Hi everyone,

I am selling away my Ah My Goddness plushies set. Please view the pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/30896841@N05/2898217112/in/set-72157607895257002/

Please feel free to pm me on your offers or any questions you may have.

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