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RP AD: Pareidolia

Hello, there is a new rp opening up that members of this community might be interested in joining.

Navigation around all the pages you'll need to find out about this community and join us are below!

Taken Characters

Further links for members (some links may be accessible by members only) are below!

Player Contact
Main Community
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The moderators can be reached in a number of ways;

1. By PMing our journal here
2. Emailing us at
3. Dropping a line at our plurk account
4. Leaving a comment at the FAQ

All of these are checked daily and we will get back to you within 48 hours of receiving your question, circumstances depending!
Pareidolia: a city of Renaissance excellence, built on an expanse of water. It appears no different from any other city, it has everything one would require hidden behind the facade of magnificent grey and white architecture. It is relatively quiet and the inhabitants seem to prefer to keep to themselves and their business, though they're mosty polite and helpful enough when called on for help.

But Pareidolia isn't what it appears.

You have found yourself here all of a sudden, standing by the grandiose foutain at the center of this lonely city. You have been ripped from your life, from your world, perhaps right in the middle of something important. And with nothing but the clothes on your back, an electronic device in your pocket, a number tattooed on your arm and a sense that something isn't quite right, you have nowhere to go, because there is no way back.

The boats at the docks will only take you from one side of the city to the other, no matter how long and how far out you row. Climbing to the top of the tallest building, you find that all that is beyond the city is the ocean and sky - a never-ending blue expanse. Sometimes you can see a glimpse of something else amongst all that blue, something so familiar or something so strange that's gone in a flash, so that you can never be sure that it wasn't just a trick of the mind.

And you'll soon discover that there are others like you. More and more people are appearing here, just as lost and confused. None of them know the why they are here, what the numbers mean or if there is any way home.

Perhaps the answer will become clear if you only search for it. But with no clues, where do you start?

Applications are now open and the game has started! Please check us out at the main community: HERE!

We don't currently have any Ah!My Goddess characters but we would love to get a cast started!
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