My name is Red Sephira, and although I have only dabbled in the Ah my Goddess fandom (watched movie, read some manga), I love it and want to do more with it. I draw fanart, write fanfiction ... and discuss. And fangirl. That's pretty much it.

Speaking of fangirling ... I was watching the movie as part of my modern epic research for my English class, and when Celestin took over Keiichi's body I was like, "Niiiice~" And I ended up being a Celestin!Keiichi fan. So ... any fanwork from me will be largely ... Celestin!Keiichi ... hahah.

Y may I also add I thought Keiichi's ever-changing hair style looked great in the movie.

Outside of fandom, I am studying how to speak Spanish and Japanese, although I think I'm making more progress with Spanish.
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Picture Request

I hope it's OK to ask this... ^_^;

Does anyone have a large (and hopefully good quality) version of the cover of "Vol.18: The Phantom Racer"?

Any help at all would be really appreciated. Thank you! m(__)m

OMG YESSS~!!!!!! New AMG anime just in time for Xmas!

Like a snocone in the desert, Ah!My Goddess is back with a new two part tv special to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the manga which is coming up! The new special will be the arguably most popular(and hands down longest) story arc of the manga, the Lind/Angel Eater arc. The first part of this new special airs this weekend on TBS stations in Japan but there's a special promo dvd going around with some interviews and this special preview featuring on of the new themes and clips from the special!

Omg! I am so pumped for this!!!! One unlucky mechanic+3 lovable goddesses(okay 4 because Peorth's back/spoiler:PP okay 5 because of Lind..lol!) and life is good once again!